1. Create high quality opportunities for low carbon industry apprenticeships for school leavers

  2. Support a health and social care workforce sustainability fund to support young Shetlanders through bursaries for completing health and social care training

  3. Work with education to develop multi-agency support for personal, social and health education in schools

  4. Work with young people to produce a Shetland schools’ charter against discrimination to help tackle all forms of discrimination in our society

  5. Investigate the feasibility of a “Folkehøgskole” - a residential school for young people providing education on traditional Shetland crofting/textiles/music/boatbuilding/craft. This would be linked with the Norwegian system, allowing Norwegians to access the Shetland Folkehøgskole and vice versa


  1. Continue to support and develop the role of local organisations to support survivors of domestic violence, rape and sexual assault

  2. Work with police to set up a multi-agency drug safety testing laboratory and safe consumption facility to reduce danger for people who use drugs

  3. Work with police and the local community to investigate the use of cannabis and other drugs within the community, to reduce stigma associated with drug use and have a balanced approach to policing, intervention and support

  4. Work with local police and criminal justice services to divert vulnerable people who use drugs away from the criminal justice system and towards help and support

  5. Prioritise and safeguard pedestrians, cyclists and children in local residential areas by introducing 20mph speed limits and more pedestrian crossings

  6. Support and encourage the use of restorative justice in Shetland


  1. Council support for organisations and activities should be conditional on criteria of inclusion of women and minorities

  2. Develop a new Autism Action Plan to promote public understanding of autism and neurodiversity, and provide support for neurodivergent and autistic people to thrive in society

  3. Commit to settle more refugee families into our community

  4. Campaign to increase representation and diversity in the council chamber

  5. Campaign to change councillor pay so that anyone from any circumstance can represent their community as a councillor

  6. Test the use of citizens assemblies

  7. Recognising Shetland’s unique situation within the polity of Scotland we will campaign for increased autonomy in areas where this is appropriate and reasonable and reflects the reality of a distinct island culture.