1. Ensure that access to health and social care is equitable for islands communities

  2. Develop a network of community participation groups to empower people's involvement in the development of their local health and social care services including mental and physical wellbeing to meet their needs where they live.

  3. Continuation of alcohol licenses will be conditional on the ongoing appraisal of the impact they have on communities and public health.

  4. Work with NHS Shetland, Scottish Government and Police Scotland towards the creation of a Heroin Assisted Treatment clinic

  5. Explore the feasibility of a residential rehabilitation unit to support people with problematic drug and alcohol use through recovery.

  6. Provide outdoor exercise resources for children and adults, where people can meet and get active.

  7. Develop a personalised, active recruitment system for key NHS and Social Care staff.

  8. Develop a plan for the future of social care services in Shetland of a National Care Service fit for Shetland.

  9. Healthcare contributes to 5% of the CO2 production in the UK. We would work with our local services to reduce the impact on the environment