1. Expand Shetland’s home insulation programme with priority on social housing and those that need assistance.

  2. Work to improve the energy efficiency of all public buildings in Shetland

  3. Develop joint work with SIC and Hjaltland to install heat pumps across local authority and housing association accommodation to reduce fuel poverty

  4. New homes to be constructed to modern zero carbon Passivhaus energy efficiency standards

  5. Implement a feasibility study into new community owned onshore wind, solar and tidal generation to power secondary smart energy grids. This will provide cheap renewable electricity, predominantly for heating and electric car charging

  6. Establish a Shetland Energy Action Advisory Group to support households and communities to transition to net Zero.

  7. Support the rapid repurposing of the Sullom Voe Terminal, pipelines and offshore platforms from production of fossil fuels to green hydrogen and its derivatives.

  8. Oppose proposals to produce hydrogen from natural gas

  9. Continue to oppose new oil and gas projects.


  1. Create a Shetland Producer and Supplier Support Officer role to support Shetland’s network of local shops and producers to increase consumption of local food, improve choice and affordability

  2. Make allotment spaces available with polycrubs and equipment, so people can benefit from growing food in the community

  3. Invest in infrastructure for local landworkers to increase and diversify food production for Shetland

  4. A Shetland Seed Sovereignty officer to work with local growers to develop a sustainable supply of local seed that is best suited to grow in Shetland’s climate, reducing dependence on large agricultural corporations and supporting local crop adaptation

  5. Increase procurement of local food for schools and public canteens


  1. Campaign to trial a Universal Basic Income in Shetland

  2. Invest at least 15% of our reserve and pension funds locally by 2027, prioritising loans for food producers, community energy projects, sustainable tourism and other local businesses.

  3. Campaign to overhaul planning guidance to protect local business from large corporations.

  4. Accelerate the rollout of fast broadband internet connection

  5. Maximise the transition to Net Zero by supporting local Green enterprise development and to seek out opportunities

  6. Divest Shetland Islands Council’s pension fund and reserve fund from arms manufacturers and fossil fuel companies


  1. Invest in the growth of a sustainable tourism economy - creating interactive, immersive experiences for visitors encouraging growth in our non-cruise ship related tourism economy.

  2. Create a New Zealand style network of walking routes, böds and composting toilets to facilitate the development of Shetland as a walking holiday destination

  3. Create a “Shetland Way” safe cycling route with signage and facilities to meet the needs of cyclists including those with e-bikes


  1. Create fixed road links to support island communities

  2. Increase the frequency and flexibility of bus services, especially at weekends to reduce car dependency and forced car ownership

  3. Increase infrastructure to improve pedestrian safety throughout Shetland

  4. Work towards an upgrade to electric buses and ferries, with provision for carrying bicycles

  5. A network of safe, segregated cycle lanes throughout Shetland to enable workers to commute by bike/e-bike and to boost the development of Shetland as a cycling holiday destination

  6. Covered bicycle parking at bus stops and workplaces to encourage more people to access the bus network

  7. Develop an app based platform for safe, efficient car-sharing

  8. Increase the provision of rapid charge points for electric vehicles in all areas of Shetland

  9. Campaign for free bus travel for young people to be expanded to inter-island ferries