Greens stand for:

  • Tackling the climate crisis – policies must underpin the priority to reach net zero in Orkney by 2030.

  • Community based solutions to local challenges – a people-centred approach to create a prosperous future based on a Just Transition.

  • Openness and accountability – and an end to the secrecy prevalent within Orkney Islands Council at present.

At the core of our manifesto is the necessity to tackle the climate crisis in a way which maximises the opportunities that arise from the transition to net-zero by 2030. Related issues such as fuel poverty, energy prices and sustainable transport need urgent attention which requires ambitious leadership.

Our vision is to future-proof Orkney for the 21st century and take a new approach to local government. Orkney has unlimited potential and we’re determined that it won't be squandered by a lack of ambition, leadership, or an unwillingness to do things differently. With a rapidly ageing population Orkney must think about the future. We want to create more opportunities to retain our young folk and tackle barriers to this like the unavailability of housing. We’d also like Orkney to attract young people and families to contribute to our island society and economy as residents in a thriving, dynamic community.


We are part of an international political movement, guided by the principles of Environmental, Social and Economic Justice. We push for local control, radical participatory democracy, cooperation and peaceful means to achieve these goals.

Our core principles and values are:

  • Ecological Wisdom

  • Social Justice

  • Participatory Democracy

  • Non-Violence

  • Environmental Sustainability

  • Respect for Diversity

Our purpose is to get Green representatives elected at all levels, to promote Green policies when elected; and to work with others to build a stronger, more resilient and confident society, with a self-sustaining economy in a diverse and flourishing Highlands and Islands environment.

Whatever challenges being in government throws at us, you can know that we will always make decisions that stay true to these values.