Take Action on Academy Street

Academy Street in Inverness is one of the most polluted streets in Scotland; it's a grim place to be a pedestrian or cyclist, squeezing between cars in the fumes. Highland Council has plans to change Academy Street, but the current plans will make things worse by reducing space for traffic but not the amount of traffic. We can help change that.

The only way that Academy Street will be made safe is if traffic is restricted to buses and taxis. A pedestrianised Academy Street would be a clean, green, attractive and welcoming space for locals and visitors alike.

We can make this happen together by asking Highland Council to change their plans. We want to point out to them that their plans will not make the street safer for road users, nor improve the environment, nor encourage more walking and cycling. But making the street pedestrianised would solve all of these problems, while making the city centre a much more attractive place to be.

Complete the online consultation today - it just takes two minutes to help make Inverness better for both people and the planet.